What is Cornucopia?

Cornucopia is a privately-held index fund, dedicated to acquiring shares in private companies, ahead of their anticipated Initial Public Offering (IPO). What makes Cornucopia unique is that its investment strategy is dictated, and powered, entirely by swarm theory and the wisdom of the crowd.

When the Cornucopia Index closes a profitable position, its trading gains are shared with those members of the Cornucopia community that provided the analysis which contributed to the trade.

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Get exposure to these exciting companies


  • Exclusive

    Gain access to investment products normally reserved only for accredited investors.

  • Hedging

    Protect your assets from crypto volatility, Cornucopia operates in USD and only invests in traditional companies.

  • Ratings

    Exclusive information on the hottest pre-IPO opportunities, access to our exclusive share offers for qualified investors.

  • Income

    Earn income simply by sharing with us your opinion on upcoming IPO opportunities, Cornucopia shares 50% of each trading gain with our active users.

  • Growth

    30% of every trading gain is re-invested into the Cornucopia index, growing the investable assets.

Fund Distribution

80% of Crowdsale Distributed

  • Cornucopia Index Fund

Remaining 20% of Crowdsale Funds

  • Operational & Development
  • Marketing
  • Business Administration
  • Infrastructure
  • Legal / Licensing Fees

May 2018

Ignite Platform Agreement

31 July to 20 August 2018

Presale Launch

21 August to 14 September 2018

Cornucopia Crowdsale

Q3 - 2018

Platform Launch

Featured on 'Breakfast with Ignite'